Why Autogas?

Benefits of Autogas

The decision to convert to autogas shouldn’t be a hard one to make, these are just some of the amazing benefits of switching to LPGas for your fleet fuel.

Convenient Fueling

Fueling your fleet is not only convenient, but easy to use for your drivers. Some autogas nozzles even have a quick-connect feature which makes it even easier to use.

Cleaner Emissions

As the world continues to become more conscious of our impact on it, autogas fits the need to use cleaner fuels without losing any of the performance your fleet relies upon.

Tested Reliability

Autogas systems have been widely used across the country, from  government fleets to transportation industries. They continue to enjoy the advantages of autogas.

Less Maintenance

With autogas, your vehicles will enjoy more consistent uptime, and less maintenance costs. These systems are known for their stability and renowned efficiency. 

Converting Your Fleet

While you may think the installation of autogas systems might not be worth the trouble, it is fairly easy to retrofit an existing vehicle, or purchase a new vehicle with an autogas system from its OEM Manufacturer.

Certified Autogas Systems


You’ll always be in reach of an autogas provider. The Thompson AutoGas network spans from coast to coast, so you can be comfortable knowing we’ll be able to service your business wherever you’re located.


Autogas is not only a fuel that you can depend on, it’s also a fuel that you can trust in the event of an emergency.

As a non-toxic fuel, it’s not soluble in water, and in the event of a leak, it will simply evaporate into the air.

Autogas is also less flammable than gasoline.

The tanks themselves are also built to last for a certified ten years before they need to be replaced, and are built to withstand the elements and debris on the road.

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ROI Calculator

By using our calculator below, you can find out the financial benefit and enviromental impact you’ll have by switching to autogas for your fleet.